What Makes You Feel Strong?

Everyone wants to feel strong.

We want to feel it in our unique minds and souls. We strive for strength in the relationships we have with ourselves and the one we have with others in our lives. We have a certain attitude towards our beliefs because we feel a sense of strength in them. And undoubtedly, we want to feel strong in our physical body because without that strength the other aspects of it may fall short.

I'm not talking about dead lifting the most weight in the gym or forcing yourself through a rough patch in your relationship, I'm talking about getting super, deep down, layered and personal here.

Mark Rippetoe, the author of Starting Strength, which was my first exposure to weight lifting and working with a barbell, defines strength as the physical ability to generate force against an external resistance. Bakara Wintner, the creator of WTF is TAROT, and my resident HWIC regards to strength in the Tarot deck as being able to show restraint and understanding that some things take time to do them right.

And as for me, it's a synthesis and symbiosis between what's going on within my enduring body and complex mind. A feeling of being in my physical un-comfort zone, one where I push my body past its expected limitations and creates a catalyst for my mind to follow suit.

All different definitions, numerous faces and aspects of strength.

Is it a textbook definition or is it a multitude of feelings your body endures? Is it a place you visit within yourself or a acclimation you attain from an outsider? Is it a standard sense of well being or something you have to work for?

This is where I ask the obvious, what makes YOU feel strong?

Here's a hint; there's no right answer.

So let the question sit and allow it to roll around your brain for a little bit. Peel back the layers of what that 8 letter word means to you and how it resonates on every level of your being, then answer the question.

Because your definition will be different than your answer last year and it'll be different from this one next year.

And that evolution right there, is pure strength.


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