Connecting With Yourself

Connection may seem like a buzzword as of recently, but it actually originated back in France around the 1300's with spelling like connexion (Latin), Conneccioun (Britain) and Connexcioun (France). Even though it may be spelt differently in other languages, it has always had the same definition. A bond, a link, the act of connecting.

I'm lucky enough that I have a job where connection is literally part of my everyday. I'm able to connect with clients, other business owners, followers on social media, shit, even 'haters', but the most valuable connection I'm gaining through my everyday actions + intentions is the one I have with myself.

It didn't come easily. It's something that I work on every day, whether small or immense, through my own habits, rituals, and routine. In different modalities and multiple experiences. It'll keep evolving with the ebbs and flows of life, keep growing the more intuitive I become with myself, and just like everything else, practice is what helps to learn a skill.

When was the last time you felt connected to you? Sat yourself down and asked, "Bitch, what do you need? How can I help? Where can we be a team?" The answers may not be as simple as you would think, but they're in you. Check out a few ways I like to check in with myself and feel free to follow suit.

MOVEMENT: Part of my job (besides connecting) is helping others move their body, but I always make sure to the same for mine. I workout 4-5 times a week with different modalities and variations. I walk my dogs on a daily basis. I promise myself a 'messy ten minute flow' at least one night a week. Although I never miss a squat day, when the weather is nice I try not to tether myself down to a certain type of movement. If my body feels like running, I go for a run (a jog, lets be serious). If I feel like doing body weight movements, that's what I do. If I feel like throwing some shit around and listening to Rage Against the Machine, that's what I do.

HABIT: My most favorite habit is snuggling up with my dogs at night and reading for at least 10 minutes before going to bed. I never read anything that has to do with my job, I never check my social media past 10 pm, and I always make it a point to say "Girl, you did good today" before passing out and trying to get my spot back from Nola. Call it habit or routine, but it's also a great way to end the day with myself.

RITUAL: Everyday, I make it a point to pull 1 Tarot Card in an attempt to both learn the many layers and messages of the deck as well as check in with myself. Before pulling a card, I ask myself a question that pertains to my life at the current moment. By doing this, it makes me aware of something that may be bothering me, something I need to work on, or allowing myself to feel into some type of emotion (which is still a work in progress). Sometimes I'm able to do it in the morning, sometimes it come at night. Either way, it's time for me, so I make sure to never skip out on it.

JOURNALING + THE WRITTEN WORDie scripts" favorite: I have loved writing since I was a little girl. I have notebooks, upon sticky notes, upon journals of made up stories, descriptions of my days, "mov way to check in. It's therapeutic, it's cathartic, and there's absolutely no wrong way to do it. If you're not really sure where to start when it comes to journaling, check my girl Deirdre's free journal prompton her website to help you get started. that have yet to be picked up by any major production company, and anything else that has to do with the written word. I have a notebook for every new project I start and my blogs go wayyyy back to the Tumblr days. I recently started writing poetry and keeping a journal again after a long hiatus of not putting a pen to paper and this is honestly my

Ready to connect and want to share this with others? Share away and don't be shy! I love to connect with my readers. Also, make sure you're sign up for my newsletter to keep the connection going.


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