b&b spring into strong: workout 2

b&b Spring workout series is back and this time, I'm adding a little something, something to it. Once a month I'll be posting a workout you can do any time, any where along with a mentality mindset to work on because lets be honest, feeling strong isn't entirely about the fitness aspect of your life.

Try to complete the workout once a week or to see what you might need to work on, how you advance, and where you end up at the end of the month.

So lets get to it.


Write down 3 things that you do to start your week off on the right, with a positive mindset, and for you.

What you need:

Space to run, a step, and your own body.


Put the clock on for :60 seconds and complete as many burpees as you can. Remember that number and rest for :60 seconds

Once you finish, complete the following:

3 rounds:

however many burpees you did are the amount of reps for each movement*

jump squats

push ups

alternating lunges

plank shoulder taps

step ups

:30 second rest

*If you complete more than 20 burpees, you should probably be a pro athlete, but also cap your reps at 20.


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