Some Keys to navigate YES and NO

YES and NO - Two words that for most of us, were probably the first ones we ever spoke (mine was definitely NO). They're short in length and style, but immensely powerful. Their meanings are concise, yet layered in context at the same time. They can come across as right to the point but every once and awhile, they seem to linger.

We are conditioned to use these words in certain situations by default; say YES to anything that might (keyword) bring us value and NO to anything that scares us.

But like many things we've been conditioned to belief, that's bullshit.

Like I said before, although these two words are short in length and style, they are immensely powerful, layered, and full of unexpected outcomes especially when they're used unexpectedly.

NO I don't want to teach that extra class I've been teaching that doesn't align with my schedule anymore.

YES I am going to carve in a WEEKDAY (gasp) into my week to take some time for myself.

NO I'm not going to go to that party I was invited to.

YES I'm going to order Pizza, watch Netflix, and snuggle with my dog instead,

Switching your YES and NO's doesn't just click one day and you're good to go, it's a practice that is learned, played around with, and often uncomfortable at first, but once it becomes part of your everyday language, it feels so F-ing good. So how can you practice switching it up?

Insert something I like to call THE YES/NO LIST.

It's pretty simple especially if you're someone who likes to check things off when you finish a task and make additions when you did a little something extra. Check it..

THE NO LIST: A list that consists of everything you said "no" to that you really didn't want to do, that would have forced you to expend more energy than you have for the specific task, or something you just genuinely didn't want to do.

Example: Saying 'no' to a Happy Hour with co-workers that you had zero desire to go to, but felt like you had to go because it was your co-workers.

THE YES LIST: Saying "yes' to an uncomfortable situation where you could find growth from, doing something that scares you (sounds cliche AF but it's seriously true), or allowing yourself to let an emotion in you would normally push away.

Example: Saying 'yes' to allowing yourself a day off of social media, email, or any other technology in order to re-charge yourself.

Some days your list might have 1 check on each subject, others there might be 3. And shit, don't get discouraged if you don't have ANY, it's a learned practice, remember?

Now it's your turn, flip the script ad change it up.


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