Social Media has become such a huge part of our lives and without it, I'm willing to bet we would feel a little lost, but that doesn't mean we couldn't use a detox from it every once and awhile. 


recharge your soul not your cell 2.0 is a program created to help guide you on a path to putting your phone down, tapping into your surroundings, and realigning with your soul.


Through 4 different modules, this self-study course will provide you with...


  • Mindset shifts to integrate into your everyday life that will help you feel less dependant on your phone and more in tune with yourself.

  • Creative challenges that will give you the oppurtunity to connect with yourself and others without your cell phone,

  • Workouts to guide you back to the simple happiness aspects of life when your cell phone was just an accessory and not a must-have.

  • Journal + writing prompts to help you dig a little deeper. 





Who has an extra 2 hours to spend in the gym every day?

Certainly not you. b&b 30 under 30 is 30 different workouts that can be completed in under 30 minutes which vary in modality, length of time, and difficulty level.


I personally created these workouts with a mindset of getting shit done in a short timeframe, feeling super accomplished when they're finished, and to make sure they're convenient, creative, and completely doable for all different fitness levels. 


With b&b 30 under 30 you'll get...


  • 30 new and varied workouts for your fitness arsenal.

  • A different type of push mentally and physically with every workout.

  • A sense of strength behind the workouts as well as your own self.

  • Mindset framework to use with each section.

  • Tutorial videos and movement cues on Instagram via @movewithbandb.

  • Access to a member-only Google Drive for FAQ's.




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