Sometimes it's a pop of color, other times, it's a quote that ruminates within your mind to no end. Whatever it may be, we all have that spark of light inside of us, the one that drives us to something more. To expand on that letter we've been writing for years, to step away from that job that's holding us back, or remind us that the universe works in ways that even when it's testing us, it's doing so with legitimate intentions to help us grow. 

The spark your light candle is meant to be your muse for all of the above and then some. Each candle is collaged and hand created with inspiration behind it, sparked with a dose of real life magic inside of it, and yours truly, as they are all one of a kind.

how do I use it?

You use it however you feel called to. I create each candle from a certain inspiration that it embodies. That inspiration could be a certain color theme it's covered in, a quote that awakened something inside of me, a mish-mosh of both, or energy I feel it aligns with. What matters most though, is that once that candle finds its home with you, the intention lies in it however you need it to. 

you can create an intention by...

  • Holding your candle in your hands while thinking of a specific intention you hope it embodies.

  • Say that intention out loud as you light your candle.

  • Write down the intention, energy, or feeling you want your candle to spark, then burn (CAREFULLY AND IN A SAFE SPACE) it.

  • Sending me a special note about something you would like me to keep in mind when creating your candle. 

but you're a trainer, how did you start creating candles?

Random, right? Not really.


I've had a creative imagination since I pretty much came out the womb


As a kid, I was either talking to my imaginary friends while we made 'potions' together, making friendship bracelets with hemp (or trying to smoke it), and writing weird ass stories about love, ghosts, and aliens. When people would ask me what I wanted to be, I would reply with "an artist." It wasn't until a few years ago when I started my business that I realized that artists are everywhere and come in all different forms, even if their medium doesn't involve the traditional paint and paper. 

Luckily, I'm one of those people that starts to get pretty bored if they're not creating something, so my itch to create has stayed with me throughout my life. See the video below to get the scoop on how spark your light intentional candles came to their own life. 

each spark of light is totally authentic to you.

Whether your candle is meant to be a gift for your soul sister or lighting it becomes part of your nightly ritual, know that it is made with love, inspiration, creative intuition, and light, whatever that may be.

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