It wants you to join a state of the art facility with a ton of different equipment + an Instagram feed full of half-naked trainers.


It wants you to believe that you need to take part in the hustle mentality to stay motivated.


And it wants to confuse you with all the different information that's out there.




I've been a personal trainer, an instructor, a coach within the fitness industry for almost 10 years, and I know when to call bull on it. 


After burning out from the hustle mentality multiple times, overextending my body by trying the 'new, cool workout' of the month, struggled with my relationship with the word strong, and tried to keep up with the 'wellness trends' on the reg, I've finally freed myself from listening to what the industry says and have become attuned with what my own definition of well is.


Here's a hint; it's non-linear, full of different evolutions, and a little bit messy sometimes, but It's already refreshing AF and super enjoyable when you begin to learn to detach from what you think you should do and lean into what you want to do when it comes to living your well. 


Do you feel like you juggle living your life, feeling like, "I got this" and  "WTF am I even doing right now?"


Do all the headlines that feature WELLNESS confuse the F out of you and you feel kind of 'meh' about them?


Is social media making you feel overwhelmed, full of FOMO, and distracted, but you can't even put your finger on why you feel that way?


the accountability collective is here to help you navigate through the bullshit and get clear on what living well means to you. 

For so long we have been conditioned to believe that if you eat Kale, do Yoga a few times a week, fill your apartment with lavender scented candles, take bubble baths, and SMILE then you are embodying wellness and all its details.

NOPE. Nope, nope, nope.

When it comes to living YOUR well, it's about sprinkling in what makes you feel good here, throwing a little bit of physical activity there, and a whole lot of allowing yourself to be a human being everywhere.

Through guidance on how to move your body, educating you about topics you may not be familiar with that align with wellness, checking in with you, prompting you to write some shit out, and giving you permission to ask questions you may want answers to, the accountability collective is curated to help you live YOUR well. 

with the accountability collective,each month you'll receive:

4 videos a month that includes workouts you can complete at your own convenience with structure behind them and the movements broken down and explained.

2 educational videos a month discussing all things wellness ranging from workout strategies to mindset overhauls.

Weekly email check- ins from me to see how you're feeling, where you're struggling, and how you're holding yourself accountable. 

2 journal prompts a month that’ll help guide you how to open your mind to creation + and feel more powerful in your own self. 

1 Q+A a month where you'll have the chance to ask any questions and I'll provide you with the attempted answers. 

Through the member page, each week you'll be able to access the modules mentioned above at your convenience. 


See, the thing about accountability, is that it's a two-way street, and it doesn't happen overnight, so this isn't a quick fix, one-time deal. the accountability collective is a 3 month commitment, monthly membership where each month I'll lead you towards creating a space in your life to implement what it means to you to live YOUR well. 

Are you ready to make a commitment to creating YOUR well and letting go of the standards you've been conditioned to believe

for so long?

lets do this...


**You will receive an email from me within 48 hours to verify your enrollment.

Each month we will explore...


  • Different types of workouts + movement that will allow it to exercise freely, push it past its comfort zone, and explore new patterns. 

  • Education on topics that align with fitness, wellness, mindset, + movement through conversational style videos.

  • Checking in fully + honestly with ourselves through email communication.

  • Different writing + journal prompts that will help you dig deep into what makes you feel good, where you'd like to grow stronger, and hold yourself accountable for tapping into you. 

  • Allowing yourself to open up and ask questions that you may not feel 100% comfortable asking in a public setting in order to expand your human experience. 


**You will receive an email from me within 48 hours to verify your enrollment.

Allow me to help guide you to living your well with

the accountable collective. 

Some questions you might HAVE...

Do I have to sign up for all 3 months?

Yes ya do, boo! As mentioned before, habits arent's formed overnight. You want to allow yourself time to hold yourself accountable in creating a habit, allowing it to evolve, and expanding in that evolution. 

What if I have a question about something, do I have access to you?

Yup! There will be a designated day + time where you can reach me with questions. 

How much time during the week will I have to invest?

As much as you allow yourself to, but I would suggest at least 20 mins a day. Each video will be between 15-20 minutes, but you will also want to make time to complete the journal prompts, Q+A's, and check-ins.

What type of equipment will I need for the workouts?

They will vary, but for the most part, you will need a set of dumbbells, a kettlebell, a jump rope, and your body. (These can all be purchased for under $100 on Amazon.)

What if I miss a week, can I return to it at my convenience?

Yup. Once the modules are posted on the member page, they will live there for you to access whenever. 

When will month 1 start?

March 4th, right around the corner!

What if I'm already signed up for b&b online programming, can I combine memberships?

Yup, shoot me an email at and we can chat options. 

Have a few more questions before signing up? Shoot me an email at and let's chat about what's holding you back. 

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