the strength design

There’s a lot that textbooks can’t teach you when you

become a personal trainer.

Like the connections you make with your clients that run deeper than the squats you're helping them perform. 


Or that you have the ability to create a brand that helps change your clients' everyday mindset and lives. 

And that it's possible to design a business based off of your own personal structure, boundaries, and goals. 

There's a way to balance your own lifestyle, schedules, relationships, and workouts while trying to run a business, I promise you this, but the textbooks can't teach you that


The textbooks aren’t able to guide you through these aspects of running a business because these aspects are real time, learned through experience, a few trial and error opportunities, and a lot of self growth, sweat and tears.


If you’re a women in the fitness industry who is interested in constructing + nurturing your own brand, being the HBIC of your personal training business, and maintaining balance in the your own life while holding space in an industry dominated by men, girl, I got you.

I'm Vanessa and I'm here to keep it real.


Within an industry that has become a convoluted world full of online coaches, #fitfam, and models sponsored by Instagram because they have a great ass, I've built a successful personal training business through first hand experience, navigating the meaning behind the word strong, and a lot of those sweat and tears mentioned above.

And I wouldn't change a damn thing about it

because running a personal training business is so much more than having your client perform workouts for the gram. It’s about changing someone’s life, helping them navigate through the layers to find their confidence, and helping them become the best version of themselves while creating a career for yourself full of passion, resilience, and creativity. 

Does building a brand that influences and inspires others light you up?

Have you thought about creating your own personal training business, but have no clue where to start?


Are you working for a commercial gym, trying to navigate a busy life, and maintain some type of balance in your lifestyle?

 Are you nodding your head 'yes' to all of these questions?

Good, because I've been in your spot before and 

I can help you get out of it. 

the strength design is a 3 part course I've created to help women in the fitness industry create connection through branding, business and balance. 

If you find yourself wanting to...

Create your own personal training business that's aligned with your own brand.

Learn how to navigate the fitness industry without feeling like just another username on the internet .

Make deeper, connections with clients, other women in the business, and yourself. 

Create structure and balance within your personal training business to establish a viable income. 

Help others work towards the best version of themselves in their own fitness journey. 

Feel more balance within your mind as well as your business.

Make your passion project into a bigger side hustle or take it full time.

Be a BOSS B, you just need a little guidance. 

You want to become a confident, successful, female in the fitness industry. 

This isn't asking for a lot, in fact, there is most certainly a space for women who crave this, but this space is  skewed in a few ways. For one, the fitness industry is a very vain one in regards to how you PHYSICALLY look and if you fit the aesthetics part of being a trainer.


But girl, your value does not equate to the number of abs you have.


There’s a divide in regards to the modality you train. You’re either a Pilates chick or a CrossFit chick, there’s no space for you to be both.

But that's a bunch of bull.

There is a misinterpretation that as a woman, if you want to run your own business, you have to be stoically strong and not allow anything to interrupt your flow. Your emotions can't get in the way, you're never allowed to show softness, and other women in the industry are seen as competition. 

But that couldn't be more inaccurate because it's actually the opposite.

Girl, we need each other.

Being a woman in the fitness industry for close to 10 years, I have seen the evolution in the means of the industry itself.


I've worked in commercial gyms, where my value was determined by how much revenue I was able to bring to the business. 

I've been turned away by male clients solely because I'm a woman.

I've built a business from scratch, hit the point of burnout multiple times, and fell back in love with the brand I created.


And I want to help you do the same. 

the strength design will give you the tools you need to build your authentic brand, create structure within your business, and live a balanced life while doing all that.

So how does it work?

We live in a reality where information is constantly being thrown our way, which makes it difficult to not become completely overwhelmed at times. the strength design is broken up into 3, month long brackets, that are all congruent with one another and packed with a ton of value on their own.

Each bracket is part self-study, part interactive with myself and other strength design members, and has its own designated month.


We'll be getting down to the bone of the details.

We'll be digging through what might be holding you back.

And ​we will be doing WERK towards creating the brand, business, and balance that you crave and deserve




9/4 - 9/28

Learn how to create a brand that connects with clients through personal authenticity, influencing messaging, and consistent content. 


10/1 - 10/26

Acquire the tools you need to set up a business model you believe in, maintain financial structure, and develop yourself professionally.


11/5 - 11/30

I'll help you unpack the layers to cultivate balance within your crazy schedule, the business you create, and the brand you believe in.

Everyone learns differently and everyone's intake of information is varied, so there are options here. You can choose to complete 1 bracket, 2 brackets, or all 3 together in a special bundle. Think of it as an a la carte of information that you can choose from, but remember, just like the universe, all 3 brackets are connected.

each bracket includes:

Two 1-on-1 45 minute phone calls with me, personalized coaching throughout the course, and unlimited email support. 

Educational videos each week discussing the lessons we are going over as well as prompts and worksheets that correspond with them. 

Weekly Q+A's with myself and other strength design members in the Facebook group.

Access to my personal resources, firsthand knowledge, suggested reading, editing, audits, and insight.

A HELL YES, let's freaking do this, I am so capable and ready, type of attitude, mindset, and vibe.  

Are you ready to quit the "I'm scared" narrative and make a serious change in your life? 

Does being your own boss sound like your ideal work situation?

How about having a support system of hype women get you even more pumped up to connect, create, and cultivate?

I know you are ready and capable for this and giving yourself permission to seek guidance on how to do it, is the perfect way to start. 

Some questions you might be wondering about...

What if I'm not in the fitness industry, can I still sign up?


Yes! Even though a lot of the information refers to the fitness industry, it's totally applicable to other industries, especially if you're just starting out. 

How much time during the week will I have to invest?


As much as you allow yourself to, but I wold suggest at least 30-45 mins a week. Each video will be between 15-20 minutes, but you will also have to put work in on your side and implement what you're learning.  

What if I only want to purchase 1 or 2 brackets?

You can do that! Each bracket has a ton of information on its own, but they also work cohesively with one another. You'll have to wait to enroll 1 week before the bracket starts unless you are on the wait list. 

When can I sign up for each bracket? 


If you are on the wait list or interested in purchasing the bundle, you'll have access to the brackets on the launch date. If not, you'll have access to enroll 1 week before that bracket starts.

What if I have a question during the course or I miss a lesson?


You can email me Mon-Fri at or you can ask in the Facebook Group. All the information will live there, so if you miss a lesson, you can catch up at your convenience.

Why do I want to be on the wait list?


Wait list members will get first access to enrolling as well as be able to sign up for each bracket before everyone else has access to. For example, wait list members can sign up for the business portion during the initial launch and not have to wait until the end of September to do so. Space is also super limited!

I'm pretty much starting from scratch, is that okay?


Absolutely! This is the best place to start (and you're not starting from scratch, you're starting with an idea). All you need to come with is a commitment to put in the work.

How much of an investment will this course be?

Single brackets are $297. The bundle, which is all 3 brackets paid for up front, is $797.

*the bundle can be paid for in two payments upon request. 

how i've helped some other babes in the past...

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