Let's Get Virtual

Shit's weird, times are hard, but that doesn't mean your normal fitness routine has to go flying out the window, because I mean, that's the whole point of having routine, right?

It keeps you grounded, it keeps you sane, and it keeps you feeling like you.

Ya wanna know the number 1 reason clients hop into virtual workouts? 

It's not about the sweat they release or the energy they exert, it's about the strength + normalcy they're reminded of when they're working out together through the screen.

b&b virtual workouts are designed to keep your body in motion, your mind not thinking, and your fitness routine on point.

Check out the schedule and find out more info below.

Just like 'regular' personal training except I'll be guiding you through your workout via a screen [and the occasional 'hello!' from my pups].

You + me + FaceTime or Zoom = 1 on 1 personal training. You can find more info about my PT philosophy and sessions here.

If you're down and determined to not let the current situation mess up your fitness routine and you're ready for more info about virtual 1 on 1 PT, fill out the form below.

The secret to making sure your in home workouts don't get boring AF?

Take this class.

Half HIIT, half slow burn,  this 60 minute, full body workout 

pushes your work capacity while also challenging alllll those little muscles [yano, the ones you didn't even know you had].

This class is co-taught via Zoom by myself and the owner of Bum Pilates every Saturday morning at 11am.

Corporate wellness virtual movement + alignment sessions are available upon request.

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