Holly, b&b mama + client

b&b has been life changing for me. I’ve been working out with Vanessa all through my pregnancy and post pregnancy. I feel safe, I trusted her with the work outs she recommend to me (especially being pregnant for the first time). She has kept me mentally and physically healthy and in shape. I Need her in my life! If you’re looking to get fit, she’s your girl! 

Genia, b&b client

A good personal trainer is a fine mix between a doctor, drill sergeant, and therapist. Vanessa has the unique ability to push you to levels you didn’t know you could get to while being mindful of your physical condition and providing thoughtful insights that guide you along in both fitness and life. 

Kathy, b&b client + SGT member

When I first started training with Vanessa, I had been struggling with the gym for a while. I felt out of place everywhere I went and was uncomfortable in so many facets of my life. Training with Vanessa turned all of this around for me - not only did she push me in terms of my fitness goals, but she strengthened my mental health as well. She gave me the confidence I never knew I was missing. 

Meg, b&b client

When I first started with Vanessa I thought I was just going to learn what to do with weights. Turns out, it was anything but that. Training with Vanessa has taught me I’m stronger than I think I am and that weights don’t have to be intimidating. Not to mention the support I get from her that has nothing to do with counting how many reps I’ve done. Once a week she listens to me, encourages me and let’s me throw sh*t when I need to release some aggression. And yea yea, I’ve lost inches/weight but that’s honestly not the reason I go anymore. I’m just happy to have such a strong person in my corner, reminding me how strong I am. 

Jen, b&b client

I have been training with Vanessa for years.  It’s well known that she is a skilled and knowledgeable trainer and she has used that to create dynamic and challenging programs for me as my goals and injuries have changed. But, in addition to strengthening my body, she strengthens my mind and soul, and that’s what keeps me coming back. 

Natalia, b&b bride + client

b&b has been life-changing for me. I always enjoyed working out so when I moved to Hoboken I searched for a trainer that would bring out the best in me to achieve my goals. Vanessa has done just that. Not only is she an amazing person who is inspirational, motivating and constantly positive but her knowledge of fitness along with her personality make her a true complete package. As a b&b bride, I am so lucky to have chosen her as my trainer. She has changed my life for the better regarding health and fitness and I am extremely grateful for that! I look forward to our training sessions and talks every week and continuing with her in the future!  


Voted Hoboken Girl's 'Best Trainer'  2016, 2017, 2018, adnd 2019.
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